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Four season with no reason - bigbang is a Popular Trending song, Which was officially written by Vince (KOR), VVN, T.O.P, KUSH (쿠시) & G-Dragon (지드래곤) and the vocals of this song were given by BigBang. below, you will get the original lyrics of this song.

Four Season With No Reason Lyrics - Bigbang

A sunset year, a blooming spring
A midsummer night's dream
Feeling fall, then winter's snow
Four times a year, then spring comes again

Goodbye now to my beloved young days
Our beautiful spring, summer, autumn, and winter

"Four season with no reason"
After the rain, instead of sadness comes a happy end
A seven-coloured rainbow slanted like a sneer
Passed the seasons without maturing
I can't mature (Still)
Immature and long gone without maturing, Marchin' Vivaldi
Tchaikovsky, greeting the seasons of today
Finally, the four at last

Boy looking over at the sky
Doing well throughout the four seasons (Good-bye)
Those who left and those who came
The world above our head
I'm leaving inspiration's Amazon
Burying all the trauma from past nights
A round-trip ship running, risking its life to start anew
I'm going to change more than before
A good person more and more
A better person more and more
With the morning dew, burying my anger in the past
(I miss you, I miss you)
For life, do it away, away, away
(I miss you, I miss you)

I miss the boy and girl who cried and laughed
I keep remembering those glorious and loving days
The seasons pass hopelessly as days go by
Going through our hearts by staining red and bruising blue

For the day, the moment that will come again someday (For you)
Our beautiful spring summer fall winter


At sunset next year, a blooming spring
A midsummer night's dream (Hmm)
Feeling fall, then winter's snow
Spring, summer, fall, winter (Ooh)

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