Just Hit A Button Morty Give Me A Beat Lyrics — Yung Bones


Just Hit A Button Morty Give Me A Beat Lyrics was Officially sung by Yung Bones and this song was released in January 28, 2018.

Just Hit A Button Morty Give Me A Beat Lyrics

Hit a button Morty, give me a beat

Oh man, OK alright uhm

(Yung Bones)
When yo bi^^h she leavin you,
I'm tryna put it in a bag
If she hit on me you know
That imma f^^king hit it back
I been runnin up a check,
That's why these bi^^hes want my sack

Imma hit it once then gonna
Run so they dont get attached
Call me bi^^h, call me nerd,
Call me motherf^^kin maggot
But most of them ain't got
No sh^t so hop off the bandwagon

Wanna shout, want me out,
But won't say it with they mouth
If you wanna talk that sh^t,
Be my guest come give me clout
I've been scorin, I've been soarin
But these bi^^hes bring up Lauren

And I don't give two
F^^ks bout that bi^^h
So you gonn catch me borin
I've been gone, but Im back
All these hoes got to relax
Saying this, saying that,
Finna put me on the map
Say I'm trash, I can't rap

While they spittin all this crap
Imma keep it going, keep it flowin
Till these pockets fat
I ain't got the place, got the time,
Got the face, got the rhyme
Tell these old homies at the b
You got a dick, now get off mine

Juul rips inbetween these verses.
Yeah I like the nikki
Motherf^^kers try to side on me
But I am way too sticky
You can try to catch me
But I'm bouncing up and down like Mickey
And they try to hop on my flow
But this sh^t is just too tricky

Writer(s): Yung Bones.

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