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Prolly My Spookiest Beat Lyrics was Officially sung by KnownByAlex and this song was released in March 18, 2022.

Prolly My Spookiest Beat Lyrics

[Verse 1] (0:26)
I can feel the drugs
Flowing in my veins
I can feel the blood
Rushing to my brain
I can safely say
I've never felt this way
I feel unstoppable
I feel so insane
Please don't follow me
You don't understand
What I'm really like
When I'm on the drugs again
I might not be safe
I might just hurt you
This ain't a fairy tale
This is not blues clues

[Verse 2] (0:53)
Because the cause is defined
You know what I'm really like
You see how I am
And you know how I act
I have irrational thoughts
I cannot control myself
I might really hurt you
You do not understand
I'm really a dangerous man
But that's when I'm on the drugs again
I can't help myself out
You've got to put me down
Take everything away from me
I shouldn't have what I'm possessing
And I shouldn't be living
I'd have an overdose on everything

[Verse 3] (1:19)
SIG Sauer, with one in the mag
I can't help myself to understand
I think that I'm immune
To a death I can't withstand
I'd have shot that shot
If you hadn't been there to stop
The danger of a man
A man that's off on the drugs again

[Instrumental Outro] (1:33)

Writer(s): KnownByAlex.

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