Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions Lyrics — (Original Lyrics)


Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions Lyrics was Officially sung by Gavin and this song was released in April 3, 2022.

Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions Lyrics

(Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions)

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah
I am Quandale, keep me a boat, I make sales
Used to be inside of jail (Ahh, what?)
N---a named Gale used to puncture my anal
Got me on my knees, all hail (Ahh)
Quandarious Gooch loves to feel on dudes
And he e-dates on Zoom
Ninja Blevins streams to kids that are seven
Toyota Camry, engines revvin' (Hey)
Mason Troy Adams, walk 'em down, yeah, we almost had 'em
Big ol' titties you know I'ma grab 'em
Grab 'em slowly, know I walk down with the pole-y (Hahaha)
Shout out Quandale-ale, he said, "Holy moly"
Smokin on gas, I'm finna pack the bowl-y
She play with my balls like she is a goalie
Walk down on Singleton, he is folding

Written By: Shotta Flow by NLE Choppa.

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