Popular Demand Lyrics - GRIP


Popular Demand Lyrics GRIP was sung by Grip and written by Grip, Tu! & Dj Khalil.

Popular Demand Lyrics GRIP

Verse 1
Might just pull a DMX and drop 2 in a year
More truths to spew in you ears in lieu of my peers
A loose screw in the mood to ruin careers
Yall think these ni^^^s tough?
Look me in my eyes, do it look like I really give a fuck
The game is all twisted, ni^^^s selling out to get a buck
A chain and flawed pendant, then claim they authentic
Too many names to call I aim at yall and paint the walls crimson
I came to cause tension
Threw flamers all through my last sh^t my brain evolved since then
But the pen ain’t reached its pinnacle
ni^^^s is minuscule, mental identical with middle school
Mimicking gimmicky Ni^^a interviews
Then wonder why they not winning
Too worried bout hot women and tennis shoes
Even when I’m not locked in I’m top tenning it
Deada^^ like I rock Timberlands, the block trembling
Tu got the bass thumping, I’ll do the rest
Yall sayin who the best, I ain’t too impressed
And so I’m

Back by popular demand
ni^^^s plotting on on my mans we gon drop em where he stand
Whole posse getting bands got em copyin the plans
Had a pocket fulla grams but these days I need the profit in advance (2x)

Verse 2
A profit stacking a profit, packing a rocket in my jacket pocket
One in the head, I don’t have to cock it
ni^^^s actin stop it, my sh^t slap from Old Nat to Brockett
Ok we got it Grip back to topic
Ok I gotta die rich cuz I grew up poor
Seen lives expire from age, I seen a few cut short
I seen them Glocks busting, cops rushing through front doors
My city on fire I know that I can do much more
Maybe I show these lil ni^^^s they can be like me
Trade it all of my designer for a clean white tee
Or maybe I don’t and tell them I do it for motivation
And they get more impatient, more robbing and home invasions
More dealing, more killings, mugshots with no feelings
Cell blocks get more tenants
That ain’t your business
Maybe you right, maybe I’m better off oblivious
Get rich and act like I never witnessed it
So I’ll be


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