The Story Of Alisher Morgenshtern Rip Lyrics Oxxxymiron In English


The Story Of Alisher Morgenshtern Rip Lyrics Oxxxymiron In English was sung by Oxxxymiron and Produced By PORCHY, GORE OCEAN & XWinner.

The Story Of Alisher Morgenshtern Rip Lyrics Oxxxymiron In English

The clown is so looking for love
And a little warmth
The clown is afraid of love
Wears a cap
But he's in thorns

The clown wants to be friends
There's just something wrong with him.
The clown bitterly stings
Pain in the chest
Rejection again

I got dissed by a clown
Can you pass by?
I got dissed by a clown
What should I do with it?

I would just ignore the joke
But this clown is too serious
Wants to be cooler clown clingy
Evil annoying thorn

The ugly year hobbles into the sunset knee-deep in blood
My business is to entertain you with trifles in time of war.
And what is more trifling than the fragile ego of an artist?
Don't drive the jester to suicide
There is no person more vulnerable than a postironist

(Morgenstern's voice from the interview:
I don't want to let anyone mess with my head.
I don't want bi^^h
I'm afraid they'll dig up something there.)
Eyo granddaughter, understand
Your diss is a love letter
Morgen Stan
Pure mashups
golden quotes
Hello, you compose everything
I didn't pull your pigtails, I don't like you

You so want back, but f^^k them
Another drowsy collective farmer?
They have a shaman
"D^^khead, penis, d^^k" is a hit, no doubt
But where were you for eight years?

But to portray me charisma was not enough
You are a satire on a satire
Don't read anymore please
f^^k, of course my beats hurt you
f^^k you on Oxxxymiron type beats

Explain to your f^^king kids
How he called me to "Legendary Dust"
On the Million Dollar, on the 12, on the Last One
And every time after the refusal he hated
After all, you need Mark to get marketing

I'm the new Pusha T, f^^k Six Six Six
Break your forehead on x x x x
Change surname and passport
Morgenstern untwisted on the chain
Too bad the morning stars are fading fast

Let's talk about personality
Bass - Teipa, flow - Skripa, what is it, style?
Early FACE squared - the whole square face
They told you: "Be yourself!"
And you're like, "OK, where's the reference?"

because of
The fact that you have Shiz
If the idol does not accept - this is a reason for a diss
You're so f^^ked up - your mom ran away to Spain (okay)
And dad too: your dad is Kizaru

Charts are everything, back to EasyRap
You pathetic Zip archive: copy you
Means copy all (ugh)
Original MC
Such a rare voice
People believe that you were on the voyse in "Mud"

Alya for wide trousers was spread rot by the elders
Earning the respect of elders has become a fixed idea
So how is it? Did everything work out well?
Feduk does not fit with you
Even if he becomes a homeless

Timati, AK-47 - epta, respect!
All that the drug addict got was just coca and soda
It's harvest time
You should be with adults, but you are not shaking hands

Let's talk about your loneliness
No one around, leaves fall into the pool
Hundreds of phone numbers, but all are not the same

It's easy to be a friend, no one set an example

You have a retinue
Smoke - in the lungs
All those who were close are far away
And be careful: your new loved ones are narrow-minded

Bright memory, but remember
What did you tell Gordon about your father?
Better alone
Take alcohol and companions

Your love tried to protect you
The Kents divorced you as soon as you divorced
Plot twist: she sees disrespect
So I decided everything right, Alisher - on the contrary

I don't get into your personal life, you dump it out
Attention will run out - you will die in front of the cameras
In my opinion, star disease from home
After all, your Ma does not believe in you, but believes in humanoids

And about lyrical heroes
Mulder and Scully informed
That the little man does not jump off the asteroids

Fake smile under the nails
Ghostwriters, veneers, you're just a shell
With an old hit, like an outfit - "Cadillac"
And a narcissistic handj^^

Forever naked torso, you're crazy
Epty, Calvin Klein
And you are "synonymous with the word fashion"
But you wear Philipp Plein

f^^king shame: wearing the master's watch
Ufa groom pi^^ed off his mustache
Yes, every third diss me here
plus first and second
I just replied to that
There are only three of you
If I hurt you
Gather in a transformer
And f^^k

(Voice of Morgenstern:
"Miron is a very cool guy")

Let's talk about our popularity
I'm afraid you started the topic in a vulnerable position
There is no pain for me
I'm grateful for any numbers
But mine are so awesome

What do you want
Such a superstar
Compete with someone who kicked d^^k for 5 years?
Your latest success is a double album
I saw through everything - it's a double bottom
Business burned out, Happiness gone

In the a^^ for a couple of months, like on a mefe
My third in Apple, bi^^h, almost a year in the top 10
Just me and Bandana
Although no, you are also among the best friends
After all, your rap is "White noise for children"

What happened?
All OK so wanted party and gold?
Marketer Memorial Day
Be with the Kremlin, say: "The statistics are lying
This is not a fall, this is a negative rise!

You were asked about a naked photo, you
In an interview, he explained that under cocaine everything became small.
If they ask: “How did the numbers fall?” - tell:
“Yes, you have not seen my streams in a standing state!”

What are you down?
Everything will fly around
The question is what remains when the peak is passed
Rejected by Instasamka, Arut will soon refuse you a fit
Diss on me got more than "Sheikh"
you lost your scent
The clown thought about his legacy
So here he is

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