Then Something Just Snapped, Something Inside Of Me Lyrics


Then Something Just Snapped, Something Inside Of Me Lyrics was sung by Rebel XD and also Produced by Rebel XD. This song was released on 2022.

Then Something Just Snapped, Something Inside Of Me Lyrics

Rebel Xd's... "Testify - Bear Witness To Cosmic Arts"

Rebel... X...D!!!

*Vegeta Speaking* ---
The Sleeper Has Awakened. Something Just Snapped- Something Inside Of Me...
Then I Became A Super Saiyan

(((Verse 1)))

Yo, Watch As The s^^t That I Spit Get Superb
While I'm Rippin' A Verse
Then I Merge On The Scene As A Murderous Genius
Like A Sadistic But Brilliant Killer Neural Surgeon
That's Mixed With A Nerd
I'm Wicked With Words And If This Is Preferred
Then While Hittin' Ya Herb Or Ya Sippin' Ya Syrup
Then Just Listen While The Lyrics That's Heard
Get Sick And Absurd
I'm A Riddle Bringer
That's To Clever To Just Stick Up My Middle Finger
Because With My Skills
I'm Gettin' The Urge
To Teach A Cardinal How To Do A Cart Wheel
So That I Can Really Flip You The Bird

My Styles I've Mastered Them
To The Max While You Whacks
Ain't Even As Half As Bad As I Am
And That Crap You Spit Couldn't Pass For s^^t
Even If You Had Grabbed Your Scripts
Of Raps You've Written
And Took Em Into The Bath Room With You
Then After s^^ttin'
You Ripped Them Into Halves And Strips And
Then You Wiped Ya Asses With Them!

I Produce My Tracks And I Choose My Raps
Better And Clever
And Proving That
While I'm Wrecking Who Ever
I'm Cool In Fact
I'm So Cold That The Devil Battles Me In Hell
Wearing A Sweater
With An Extra Set Of Long Johns On
With A Coat, Scarf, Gloves, Boots And Hat
Now Who Could Match Me?

I Told Dummies
That Although I'm Cold And Sick
That I'm Too Quick For These Kids
To Even Be Able To Catch A Cold From Me
It's No Joke And It Ain't So Funny, So Sonny
You Poke Yo Nose In My Business
And You'll Get Yo s^^t Mo Broke
Than A Po ni^^a With No Money

Now Back The F^^k Up Off Me!
-before I Creep Up On You Gumps
Like Goose Bumps And Then I Smack A Few Chumps
-and I Leave Yo Mugs With Two Lumps
Just Like A Cup Of Coffee

A Relative Theory For Me Is To Have Mc's Scared
Then Add To The Equation The Fact That I Subtract Rappers
When I Snatch Mc's Heads
So Split Like Division Or You'll End Up Mc's Dead
Then After You Get Packed In A Box
That'll Leave You Equal To Mc Squared (ΠR2)

But You Don't Need To Be Einstein
To See That My Rhymes Are At Least 5 To 9 Times
Better Than Any Rapper That Tries To Design Lines
Or Out Shine Mines I Got A Divine Mind
So An Mc Being Better Than Me?
I Can't See It - F^^k It, So Be It -
I'm Blind!

But For Rap Fanatics My Acrobatics
Are Unmatched In Status
The Guy That Set 3 World Records
For The Kat That Raps The Fastest -
I'm Coming To Rock And I'm Taking A Rapper
And Then I'm Breaking Them Up
When I Be Coming And Attacking Them
And I'm Taking Them Up Out Ta My Sight
When I Get Him And I'm Taking Him Out When I Be Seeking The Mic
And Then I'm Ma Get Him And Hit Him
And Women And Gentlemen
Will Looks At The Radical And Then Im'ma Send Them
A Style That Will Put Them Up In Back Of The Line
When I Be Making A Rhyme When I Come And I Then Get Them And
I'm Breaking Them Up When He's Becoming An Enemy
On To The Incredible Lyric Epitome
You're Hoping To Cope But You'll Never Be Doper Than Me
So Stop The Madness!!!

Bare Witness, To The Cosmic Arts , Of The Gods!
But Once I Start, You Better Dodge! Just Like Them Cars!
Or You May Get Squashed
With Thoughts From Beyond The Stars
That's Too Large!
For The Mere Mortal Brain To Contain
As I Bless The Mic And My Dopeness - Is Justified
So With These Dope Testimonies
I'll Testify!

(((Verse 2)))

While Out Of No Where Appears A Storm And
My Peers Are Tormented
So Now Here's A Warning While Tears Will Form In
The Eyes Of The Guys And The Queers Performing
And True Fears Are Born
And Boy, I Couldn't Hear You Corny Rappers
Even If I Had Two Ears Of Corn

No Kids Worthy To Get Mercy
When I Spit Nerdy I Gets Dirty-
And Don't Even Think About Reaching Out
For The Mic So Before I Have To Roast You Damn Clowns
You Know What Time It Is
So You Better Put Both Your Hands Down
Boy, Like Was You Six Thirty (6:30)

Now I Can Dig If A Rapper Nice
But Claim G.O.A.T. Around Me
Then Im Ma Have To Slice
You The Heck Up And Have Your Head From The Neck Up
Just Like The Goat In The Occult
Of A Baphomet Sacrifice

I'm An Ace Microphone Veteran
That's Sick Enough To Diss You And Then I'd Diss Myself
Just So That I Can Get Me A Taste Of My Own Medicine

Now Here's A Disturbing Analogy
I'm So Cold That I Would Have Myself Cloned
Just So That I Could Have Someone Worthy To Battle Me

Because If I Could Form
A Copy Of Me Than I May Be Able To Beat Myself In A Way
That Doesn't Involve Watching Porn

And S^^t That I'm Speaking Is Deep
So Ummm Hey, I'd Like To Say
That You Dudes May
Remind Me Of Monday To Tuesday -
To Wednesday To Thursdays To Friday To Saturday To Sunday -
And Now That This S^^t Is Complete
If You Didn't Just Peep
What I Did Or Get The Message Than I Guess That
You Ni^^as Are (Weak-week) And Not Just A Figure Of Speech

So Peep My Flow Cuz For Me To Be Weak You Know
Is Unspeakable And I Need To Show
That I Can Beat A Foe
So Fast That My Feet'll Go
So High Up That A^^ It'll Leave Them Tweaking So Bad
That He Would Be Screaming Louder
Than That Opera Guy Who Occupied
The Stage When He Engaged In That Play
When He Breaks It Down
And Raise His Voice And Rejoice
In The Place When He Starts To Say -
"Hey Figaro"!!!

Whether I'm Hurting You Fools
Or Verbally Murkin' Ya Crew
For Certain I'm Great So All You Fakes
Trying To Step
May As Well Just Hang A Set Of Drapes Over Ya Face
Because It's Curtain For You!

When My Thought Combine
It's Kind Of Like I'm
Taking All Of The Class Wimps, Dorks And Geeks
Sort Of Speak
Then Placing Them In A Single File
Then Hit Each One Like Pool Balls
While Walking Down The Aisles
Of The School Halls
At Lunch Time
Just To Form One Hell Of A Punchline

That Could Leave Microphones Cracked
And It's Been Shown That, It's Close To A Known Fact
That I'm Gone Snap, So I Hope That You Won't Ask
For Me To Rap With You And Ya Crew On One Of Ya Songs Jack
Because I Don't Slack But If You Want That
Than Anybody That's On That, Right Along With Yo Whack A^^
Can Get Blown Back By Me Up On Ya Own Track!


Bare Witness, To The Cosmic Arts, Of The Gods!
But Once I Start, You Better Dodge! Just Like Them Cars!
Or You May Get Squashed
With Thoughts From Beyond The Stars
That's Too Large!
For The Mere Mortal Brain To Contain
As I Bless The Mic And My Dopeness - Is Justified
So With These Dope Testimonies

(((Verse 3)))

Man You Fools'll Drive Yourselves Stupid And Coo Coo
Tying To Do What I Do
Just Try To Do This And I Bet You Get To Feelin Stupid
Just Like The Three Stooges When They Do S^^t
Like Be Going - Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!
And Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu!
Dude So Cool It Because You Can Never Do What I Do
But If You Flow Then Big Whoopty Dee Doo
Then Whoopty For You!
But If You Snooze On Me Than Maybe You Should Be
Sleuthing With Blues Clus -n-
Scooby Doo And The Crew To Get You A Clue

I'm Far Surpass Average , And What A Fact That Is
But As S^^t Is, I'd Have To Pull A Rabbit From Up Out Ta My A^^
With Some Other Magic Trix, To Establish S^^t
To Get Cash And Switch, My Living Status And Class
From Not So Bad To Rich
Now Let Me Ask You This, It's Not Cause I'm Black Is It?
Cause If That's A Factor
Then Perhaps Maybe I Should Adapt A Bit-
Slapstick My Scripts, Act A Trip, Then Start To Rap Like This
And Be Like -hi! - I'm Back To Spit - Raps For Kids
While I Grab My D^^k And Then Get Mad At Chicks
So Mad ,That I Can Slap And Hit, Grab And Kick
The Average Bi^^h
Attack Her And Then Smack Her In The Back
With A Bag Of D^^ks And Some Fa^^ot Lips
Then After This I'll Splash The Trick
Up In The Face With A Glass Of Piss
Until She Has A Fit And Get So Sad
That She Wants To Run Up Into The Bathroom
And Then Slash Her Wrist
And I Can Switch The Pitch Of My Accent
To Make A Word Rhyme With Another Word
That Doesn't Even Really Match With It
For An Example I'll Rhyme Africans With Ambulance
And For This Madness I Should Smack The Blackness
Off Myself Until It Has My Skin Switching From Black To Tan
Just Like How Micheal Jackson's Did
But I Can't Rap Like This
Cause That'll Be Blasphemous As The Devil's Advocate
Telling The Catholic Mass Who's A^^ To Kiss

But I Got Skills Ta Rock Iller - Lyrics A Hot Spitter
With Hot S^^t I Drop Sick Ta Put You Up Into The Hospital -
Leaving City Blocks And Parks Littered
With Lots Of Body Part And Bits Of Hard Ni^^as
A Hard Hitter Who'll Charge With A Sabotage So Harsh
That It Could Target Lock Onto And Knock Out Godzilla
I Got More Knowledge And Intellect
Than All The Data That's Gathered
And Collected On The Internet
So Then I Bet That I'm Finna Get
Larger Than Mozilla
I'm Gifted In Cosmic Arts
With The s^^t From Beyond The Stars
So I'll Start With A - A Process To Spark Quasars
When I Drop Mars Bars That Scars ni^^as
With A Flow I Could Destroy General Zod With A
Single Thought And Now That s^^ts Gettin' A Lot Bigger, I Figure
Why Stop At Just Being A God-figure? My ni^^a
As I Trigger, My Inner - Zen To Ascend
To The Ranks Of God Killer!!!

Well That Was About Half Of My Power. What Do Ya Think?
"That, Was Only Half?!?!
What's Wrong With People Like You?
Will You Not Be Happy
Until You've Wrecked The Whole Planet?"

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