6Ix9Ine Bori Lyrics English


6Ix9Ine Bori Lyrics English was sung by 6ix9ine and Produced by Mauro “El Código Secreto”. This song was released on March 31, 2023.

6Ix9Ine Bori Lyrics English

[Intro: Lenier]
Hmm, yeah, ayy-ayy-ayy
Hmm, na-na-na-na-na, eh-eh

[Verse 1: Lenier & 6ix9ine]
Today I want to confess (-sarme), confess my sin' (Sin')
I want to tell you my story (History), that no one has been told (Told)
When I was seven years old, mom and dad separated (-raron)
They were little' the' moment' good' (Good')
And there were many 'bad' moments
I never had a toy' (Toy'), Santa Claus never gave me a gift' (Gift')
I only had a guitar without a string', and a microphone made of stick' (De stick')
I learned from the false 'friend' (Fake 'friend'), I learned to ignore the 'ungrateful' (The 'ungrateful')
But I always walked with my feet on the ground because I didn't have shoes (Shoes)

[Chorus: Lenier]
Suffering was my turn in this life (Life)
Cry when I didn't even have tears (Ah, ah)
But I always knew (I always knew) that my luck would come (Luck would come)
The kid from the neighborhood (Neighborhood), the living legend (Viva)

[Verse 2: 6ix9ine]
When there was no bread for breakfast, I was satisfied
When there was no car I walked
Before' I felt the owner of everything
Now I'm the same fool with money and fame
Now those who did not look at me yesterday look at me
Now they throw me the same ones that ignored me
Ante' lost, never won
And now in this game I am the missing piece
But my father takes care of me from above (From above)
And on the right path he guides me (He guides me)
And I only ask you to give me health, and blessing for my family (Family)

[Interlude: Lenier]
Eh eh

[Bridge: 6ix9ine]
Now I have people who hate me
Now I have people who love me
They say that men like me don't forget and die

[Chorus: Lenier]
Suffering was my turn in this life (Life)
Cry when I didn't even have a tear
But I always knew my luck would come
The kid from the neighborhood, the living legend

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